About Kilauea Volcano


Kilauea Volcano is presently the most active volcano on Earth. Kilauea is a shield volcano that rises 4,091 feet above sea level. Shield volcanoes have a gradual slope to the top where lava spews forth and spreads outwards. Many volcano viewers are surprised when a car can take them to the site of the lava flow. This is in contrast to the typical vision of a cinder cone volcano, one that is tall and steep and erupts with huge force throw debris and filling the sky with ash. It is on Hawaii Island, Hawaii, adjacent to Mauna Loa Volcano.

The Kilauea Visitor’s Center is presently the most highly traveled visitor center attraction in Hawaii (nps.gov). The center is used as a starting point by 2.6 million people per year who visit the volcano.

The Story of Pele

The most intriguing and well-known visitor of Kilauea is the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes, Pele. The origin of Pele is uncertain, as lore has connected her with many of the famous figures of Hawaii in one way or another. Many tales explore Pele’s wrath, usually beginning with an overly jealous or arrogant mortal and ending with violent eruptions and destructive lava flows. In modern times, Pele is keeping busy cursing tourists that take volcanic rocks home with bad luck. “This made-up myth has caused many hundreds of guilty people to mail many tons of rocks back to the islands every year,” a Park Ranger said (www.sergeking.com). Many Hawaiians to this day have a great respect for Pele, as the visibly active power of the volcanoes keeps him on their minds.

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    How tall is Kilauea in KM im doing a project on it in school?

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