This blog has been created and maintained by Dustin Mount for Dr. Mauldon’s CEE 4554 Natural Disasters course. The course is taking place currently during Spring Semester 2008. The topic of the blog is the ongoing Kilauea Lava Flow’s ongoing activity and mitigation efforts on Hawaii’s Big Island. The lava flow has been ongoing since 1983 and has had a severe recent eruption event, slowly taking over more area and engulfing more property. On March 6, 2008, the lava flow advanced across Highway 130 and eventually reached the ocean for the first time the following weekend. The blog will specifically focus on the economic impact of the residents of the Royal Garden Subdivision. Royal Gardens was developed in the late 1950’s and consisted of 1,500 lots of land. The 1983 eruption engulfed about 20% of the subdivision and by 1991 more than half of the subdivision was covered in ‘a’a flows which would cover houses with 5-10 meters of lava. Today 35% of the development is intact although the last two residents recently were forces to leave their homes. The remains of the development are a main attraction on helicopter tours.


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  1. James Rae Says:

    Hi Dustin,

    We are looking to publish your eruption1.jpg image in a educational report on information skills. We would like to obtain copyright on the image if you are the copyright holder for it.


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